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Hi Ray,

  I have received my boots (The Rimrock), the pictures do not do these boots justice, they are absolutely gorgeous, and fit very well!

II would just like to thank you for the great service, you were very helpful with answering

my questions before and after the purchase, and I would have no problem dealing with

you again in the future...


Thanks again,


(Saskatoon, SK)



Tim ;

Robyn got her boots, the Jasper with the glass bead work.  She cried.
When she put them on she said the felt like an old friend even more           comfortable, and they are absolutely beautiful on her.
Robyn said when she put them on for the first time, they fit like a Kid
And felt so comfortable- they felt like a second skin.
 I have purchased boots for her in the past but none that are as beautiful
or have the quality of workmanship and the presence of a person that takes
pride in their craft.
Your customer service, the extreme quality of you boot, is beyond words.
have spent 800.00-1,000.00 on boots for her and they did not equal
beauty and quality of your boots.
I can not thank you enough for your service and for making my wife happy.
An old saying-  Happy wife, happy life.
You have a loyal customer for life, especially at Christmas.
Thank you,
from a Very Happy customer,
Mike and Robyn McCall
Phoenix, Arizona.


The mukluks are great, and you guys sent me the ones with the blue beads that I thought were out of stock. I also got them on X-mass eve. Thanks!!!

J. Jeffers
Hoboken, NJ


Thank you very much,
It seems Canadian Outfooters is a good company to deal with. I will be back!   Hope you and your family have a Great Holiday!


Thank you Tim for your excellent customer service. Have a great holiday.
Shanel Knox

Mount Laurel, NJ


Tim, Thank you so much. I wish your New Year is full of good things.

Thank you again,

J. W. Burden


Tim, the shoes have arrived, are in my hands, and they look great.
Thanks again for your advice, and follow up support.

Barrie, ON


I have the boots and they are awesome!! They feel as good as they look! You will be receiving another order from me soon.

Robert J Mello SR

San Jose, CA




I got my wish!!  I received my Ravens this past Christmas as a gift from my hubby.  I really love these boots!!  These boots are so… cool and a great alternative to Uggs (which everyone owns nowadays). 


They are very warm, the materials are absolutely gorgeous and the fit is true to size.  I'm sure I will be ordering another pair very shortly.


Thank you for a great product,



Eagleville, PA


To my aboriginal friends in Canada

Absolutely striking collection of traditional footwear. Your heart passion and dreamtime is present in every piece of craftsmanship.


My husband became a quadriplegic 4 years ago after car accident. Chocolate Mukluk are stunning as they all are, but do you make so they  can be put onto foot and tied up-we cant get his feet into any footwear that hasn’t opening from ankle due to shape of feet –foot bone is high- therefore toes point down raising foot bone-Apologies very hard to explain-but require opening at ankle basically. Then to either tie up etc


If you have anything pls let me know


Attach is a story to do with feet, telling the story of no more walking with feet, but plenty with wisdom-knowledge passing on our culture, Australia Aboriginals-its my modern day art-Ngunawal tribe from Canberra ACT.




Dear Ray,
Just a line to say thank you.  The Mukluks arrived safely the Saturday before Christmas and they fit perfectly. My husband was thrilled with them.  I know where to get a replacement for my 20 year old pair now!
Thanks again and a Happy New Year!
Kind regards,
Sue C